Frequently Asked Questions

Products and services offered by excel algo trader?

We offer Excel Based Algo trading software and a Live OHLCV data for your Trading, with this tool u can fire orders to your brokers. We also provide custom coding (AFL/VBA/PYTHON/PINSCRIPT), cloud server setup and technical support.

What are the basic requirements needed to run your software?

1. Desktop or Laptop

2. MS excel 2007  & above version

3. Alice blue account

4. Valid API subscription from broker

5. Good internet connection is required to run our software.

Some brokers offer API subscription free for their clients, while others charges monthly. Example: Zerodha charges Rs2000 per month for API subscription. If you have multiple trading accounts then you need separate API subscription for each trading account.

Brokers supported?


(More brokers will be supported in future)

My broker doesn’t provide API, what should I do?

You may ask your broker to release API, if they don’t have any plan for API then you may Open a free trading account with this link  who offers FREE API.

What is API subscription?

you will be provided API and Secret key. With this API and secret key, you can access your trading account using your own programs. Normally one has to use the platform (Ex: Kite, Pi) provided by broker to access their trading account and place order, but with API you can use your own program to access your trading account. API subscription is not any kind of software; just think it as like ATM PIN

Is it possible to run your software without API subscription?

No, valid API subscription is required to run our software.

Can I use single API subscription for multiple trading accounts?

No, you have a separate API for each account. API will be  linked to your trading account. If you try login using someone’s API, it will throw error.

I Got a API from my Broker; do I need to pay for excel algo trading software?

We are 3rd party software developers,  We just provide a application which runs in python and connected with MS excel  and u can write your own formulas to execute the orders and make your trading automated .

I have purchased your software with lifetime license for Id XXXXX, can I use it for my other trading accounts?

Yes anytime you can  contact us and change your id XXXXXX , If you have multiple trading accounts, then you need to purchase separately for each client id @ discounted price.

What is excel algo trader ?

Excel Algo Trader is a simple Frontend software built with Trading API in python. It acts as an intermediary between API server and MS excel file. Excel Algo Trader receives request (PlaceOrder etc) from client (Excel sheet) and passes to API server, receives response or error from API server and passes to client account.

Is your software an Algo software?

Yes, Excel algo trader is an Algo software, it includes Buy/Sell, enter and exit logic Conditions and trades on its own when Buy/sell condition is met as per user inputs.
Excel algo trader is just like a basic trading platform. The sole purpose of the Excel algo trader is to receive request from client (Excel) and pass it to API server, receive response from API server and pass it to client.

How to use your Excel ?

Our Excel tools are built with PYTHON. User can choose from wide range of excel tools as per their need. Most of the excel tools are based on single price action. Example: ORB, Levels Breakout, Future2Option etc

Do you offer trial for your software?

Yes, we do have youtube videos where you can see things how it works and explained everything in details, once you feel this software is benifit for your trading you can buy it

Do you offer monthly plan for excel algo trader ?

No, we offer only lifetime license plan.

Do you provide after sales support ?

Yes, we have a dedicated team for Technical support you can reach us (monday to saturday) from morning 9AM to night 11.30 pm

I’m a non-programmer, how can I use excel algo trader ?

We have lots of Excel tools. You can pick the one which fulfills your requirements. If you don’t find one then let us know.

Can you help me in my custom code?

Yes, you may try posting your queries in the developer forum or hire professionals. We do not support user and system specific issues. We do not support issues and bugs in client custom code or application. Our support is limited to issues and bugs in our software.

Can you guarantee order placement?

Our software is not OMS. Our software just passes your order request to API server. Your order placement is depends on multiple factors starting from your system and network to API server to OMS server. Any issue at any stage may result in failure of your order. P.S. even your broker can’t guarantee order execution.

Having a stop loss order, will guarantee fixed loss?

It’s a myth. During volatility your stop loss order may not have filled or it may not have triggered due to OMS crash or filled with heavy slippages.

Is your software stable?

Yes, our software is most stable. Most of the errors thrown are either due to your system and network issues or API server issues.

Is your software conncected to cloud server?

No as its a exe file build in python your system itself will work like a server and make sure you have a good internet connection and a high speed Processor and Ram in your Desktop or Laptop

How much time it will take to place order?

It takes appx 50ms to place an order. From personal laptop, it will be anywhere between 200ms – 2s depend on the location and network of the user.

Do you have any discounts for bulk purchase?

Please contact us at

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